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Living and Learning with Animals

with Dr. Susan Friedman



April 20-21, 2013


8:30am to 5:00 pm











Do you have a parrot that won't stop screaming and would like to teach another behavior as an alternative?

Would you like to teach your dog to be more friendly instead of being aggressive?

Or would you like to train your guinea pig to perform an obstacle course?

How about, teaching your cat to turn around on cue?

Yes all of these are obtainable!

Learn the science behind behavior and training will be easier than you think.

Learn the step by step process of Applied Behavior Analysis (formerly known as Behavior Modification.

Learn the difference between... Positive Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, Negative Reinforcement, and Negative Punishment and the tools to change the way you teach!

Living and Learning is a learning opportunity designed to provide a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of applied behavior analysis to improve the lives of all learners in our care.
The course includes over 200 instructional slides, video examples and support materials. Participants will be exposed to the following topics:

1.  Fundamental science principles of learning and behavior.
2.  Functional assessment to understand and predict behavior.
3.  An effective teaching technology to prevent and change problem behaviors.
4.  Ethical guidelines for the implementation of humane behavior-change plans.

Using the most positive, least intrusive strategies disseminated at this workshop, participants will be able to better able to effectively analyze, prevent and resolve behavior problems that inevitably arise.

About the Event Speaker

Dr. Susan Friedman is a psychology professor at Utah State University. Over the last decade, she has helped pioneer efforts to apply to animals the scientifically sound teaching technology and ethical standard of Applied Behavior Analysis that is so effective with human learners. Susan has given a wide variety of workshops and conference presentations including the Association of Avian Veterinarians, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, the American Federation of Aviculturists and Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management program. She was a guest speaker on the topic of learning and behavior for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Colloquium and presented master classes and workshops in Africa, Australia, Canada, France, Holland, Israel and New Zealand. Her articles have been translated into 9 languages. Susan teaches two on-line courses, one for veterinarians and other animal professionals (www.lla-tele.com), and another for pet owners (www.behaviorworks.org). Susan is also a core member of the Condor Recovery Project and has been nominated for the Media Award, given by the International Association of Behavior Analysis, for her efforts to disseminate to pet owners, veterinarians, animal trainers and zookeepers some of the essential tools they need to empower and enrich the lives of all learners


$180.00 per person


Continental Breakfast and

Full Buffet Lunch both days


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March 15, 2013



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